David Allwood

Special guest

David is currently Mr Gay England 2022.

Following 10 years performing all over the world as a dancer in musical theatre and tv, David is now a dance teacher and choreographer.

David runs queer collective HOMOPARODY. This is a collective that recreates iconic music videos, runs community dance classes and performs at live events all over the UK.

David has loved Eurovision all his life. From sitting with his family with scorecards and going to annual parties with his best friends, his love for the content grows every year.

David performed in Eurosong on the Late Late Show 2011 where he danced for contestant Nikki Kavanagh. They lost out to Jedward by 1 point.

In 2022, David went to Turin with his husband and they were lucky enough to watch all of the live shows in the arena.

David has quite strong opinions on the songs for each contest but is respectful in voicing these.

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