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The Eurowhat? Podcast launched in 2018 and features two Americans (Ben Smith and Mike McComb) attempting to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest. The show tracks national selections and artist announcements, breaks down each year’s songs with a diverse array of guests, and dives into the 65+ years of contest history during the contest off-season, using Eurovision as a lens to analyze what’s happening in pop culture and the world.

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  • Episode 235: Calm

    June 18th, 2024  |  Season 7  |  22 mins 52 secs
    albania, belgium, finland, germany, italy, kosovo, latvia, liechtenstein, moldova, norway, slovenia, sweden, switzerland

    We check in on Eurovision headlines from June 2024 including budget discussions, host city where/when, and which countries have already expressed interest in the 2025 Contest.

  • Episode 234: A Lotta Look

    June 4th, 2024  |  Season 7  |  45 mins 28 secs
    armenia, azerbaijan, croatia, finland, france, italy, netherlands, poland, sweden, turkey, united kingdom

    Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan from the celebrity fashion blog Go Fug Yourself join us to discuss fashion, stagewear, and all the lewks from Eurovision 2024. What designs worked, which were less successful, and will 2025 be an all-denim affair?

  • Episode 233: Grievance Committee

    May 21st, 2024  |  Season 7  |  1 hr 6 mins
    australia, finland, israel, netherlands, portugal, slovenia, spain, sweden

    As the EBU works through a litany of complaints about Eurovision 2024, Dr Jess Carniel from the University of Southern Queensland joins us to discuss the issues facing the competition. Along with examining what should be a rebuilding year for the Contest, we chat about Australia's presence at the ESC and reconsider the balance of the jury and televote.

  • Episode 232: Broke

    May 14th, 2024  |  Season 7  |  25 mins 36 secs
    australia, croatia, czechia, iceland, ireland, israel, netherlands, norway, poland, sweden, switzerland, ukraine, united kingdom

    Somehow we made it through the other side of the 2024 Eurovision Grand Final in one piece. Things that didn't: the Netherlands, Nemo's trophy, and possibly the EBU? We examine the immediate aftermath of Saturday's show from Malmö.

  • Episode 231: Poop Chaos

    May 10th, 2024  |  Season 7  |  33 mins 17 secs
    armenia, austria, croatia, cyprus, estonia, finland, france, georgia, germany, greece, ireland, israel, italy, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, netherlands, norway, portugal, serbia, slovenia, spain, sweden, switzerland, ukraine, united kingdom

    In our Eurovision 2024 Grand Final Preview, we discuss the results of the two semi-finals in Malmö, make some predictions on what may happen on Saturday, and scratch why Sweden's hosting has been itching us this week.

  • Episode 230: Designated Perceived Nudity Corner

    May 6th, 2024  |  Season 7  |  42 mins 32 secs
    albania, armenia, australia, austria, azerbaijan, belgium, croatia, cyprus, czechia, denmark, estonia, finland, france, georgia, germany, greece, iceland, ireland, israel, italy, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, malta, moldova, netherlands, norway, poland, portugal, san marino, serbia, slovenia, spain, sweden, switzerland, ukraine, united kingdom

    It's Eurovision Week! After we get caught up on Contest news, we make our predictions on which acts will advance to Saturday's Grand Final. Will there be heartbreak in Malmö?

  • Episode 229: "Authenticity"

    April 30th, 2024  |  Season 7  |  1 hr 3 mins
    france, germany, italy, spain, sweden, united kingdom

    Chris Molanphy from Slate's Hit Parade joins us to discuss the Big 5 and Sweden's entries for Eurovision 2024. How do the entries from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK, and Sweden stack up to current US Billboard chart sensibilities? Are there any bangers in the mix?

  • Episode 228: Pulling Focus

    April 23rd, 2024  |  Season 7  |  50 mins 53 secs
    armenia, austria, georgia, greece, israel, netherlands, sweden

    Ned Raggett returns to helps us wrap up our coverage of the second semi-final for Eurovision 2024. Which entries are legit snacks? Which songs left us hungry for more? How did we manage to bring food into every discussion?

  • Episode 227: CVS Bangerz

    April 16th, 2024  |  Season 7  |  1 hr 7 mins
    belgium, denmark, estonia, san marino, sweden, switzerland

    Audio engineer and Never Post host Mike Rugnetta joins us for a Eurovision crash course. We discuss this year's entries from Estonia, Denmark, Belgium, San Marino, and Switzerland, as well as the overwhelming schedule for Eurovision rehearsals and the finer points of grocery store playlists.

  • Episode 226: Oops! All Revamps

    April 9th, 2024  |  Season 7  |  45 mins 1 sec
    albania, czechia, latvia, malta, norway, sweden

    First-time guest Katie Proctor joins us to kick off our coverage of Eurovision 2024 Semi Final 2! We explore the full range of revamps with this week's set, including lyrics tweaks, remastering, and translation. Were the changes made by Czechia, Albania, Norway, Malta, and Latvia successful?

  • Episode 225: Optimistic

    April 2nd, 2024  |  Season 7  |  38 mins 46 secs
    australia, azerbaijan, iceland, portugal, serbia, sweden

    Meredith Clark from Light Treason News joins us to chat about our last set of songs for Eurovision Semi Final 1: Serbia, Iceland, Australia, Portugal, and Azerbaijan. Topics include: Memes popular in Bangladesh, Whose Line is It Anyway, didgeridoos, three-minute world building, and arms appreciation.

  • Episode 224: SFX Appeal

    March 26th, 2024  |  Season 7  |  44 mins 59 secs
    croatia, cyprus, lithuania, moldova, poland, sweden

    Eurovision superfan dudepoints joins us to delight in the bleeps and bloops of five more entries from this year's first semi-final. We discuss the songs from Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, and Cyprus, as well as dude's experience at the Eurovizija.lt Grand Final.