Eurovision Hall of Fame

What makes a song "iconic"?

In episode 203 we discussed what makes a song iconic. Some of the factors include:

  • Strong visual identity
  • Life outside of the Contest, such as music chart success (particularly in the US) or appearances in other media
  • Timelessness

That last factor is tough to quantify. The best method we have: the results from every ESC Top 250 countdown. This annual New Year's Eve fanvote is currently conducted by the folks over at and has been growing every year since 2009. (Note: no countdown was held in 2010.)

We've collected all the rankings each year and have created these Airtables. Feel free to play with sorting and grouping—none of your changes will save on our end. These tables are best viewed on Desktop.

All Top 250 Entries

More than 800 songs have appeared in the Top 250 chart over the history of the countdown.

All Top 250 Entries by Country

All Top 250 Entries by Year

Eurovision Hall of Fame Entries

In terms of "iconic" or "hall of fame" status, we landed on including songs if they have made at least 10 appearances on the countdown. Perfect Record means a song has appeared every year it has been eligible.

On the cusp (9 Appearances)

This last board shows the songs that could join the Hall of Fame list if they make it on to this year's countdown. 7 songs entered the Hall of Fame following the 2023 Countdown.