Episode 139

Hunker Down


January 11th, 2022

17 mins 32 secs

Season 5

Your Hosts

About this Episode

This week we travel to Lithuania for Pabandom is Naujo, check out the Eurovision menus in Romania and Latvia (ooo, salad), and see how famous Maneskin's birthdays are.

Hunker Down Summary

  • Montenegro chooses Vladana and "Breathe (Unforgivable)" (1:16)
  • Song drops: Romania and Latvia (2:57)
  • Pabandom is Naujo! Week 1 (6:14)
  • Cosa sta facendo Måneskin? Famous Birthdays Edition (10:32)
  • This week: Finland's UMK artists, Norway's MGP, Poland's Artist (maybe) (13:38)


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