Episode 150

Meditation Therapy


March 29th, 2022

38 mins 41 secs

Season 5

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Evan Stewart joins us to discuss more entries from the Eurovision 2022 first semi-final. Will the Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Armenia, or Austria be able to challenge current favorite Ukraine?

Meditation Therapy Summary

  • Netherlands - S10 - "De Diepte" (4:14)
  • Slovenia - LPS - "Disko" (9:33)
  • Switzerland - Marius Bear - "Boys Do Cry" (15:09)
  • Ukraine - KALUSH Orchestra - "Stefania" (21:19)
  • Armenia - Rosa Linn - "Snap" (28:22)
  • Austria - LUM!X featuring Pia Maria - "Halo" (32:51)

Eurovision 2022 Review Series


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