Episode 151

Lilith Fair (Taylor's Version)


April 5th, 2022

44 mins 48 secs

Season 5

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About this Episode

We have a running order! We have tickets when! We have Mike Nothnagel joining us to discuss the rest of the first semi final for Eurovision 2022: Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Iceland, Greece, and Norway

Lilith Fair (Taylor's Version) Summary

  • Eurovision News: Running Orders and Tickets (sort of) (1:36)
  • Cosa Sta Facendo Måneskin: Lollapalooza Edition (3:43)
  • Welcome, Mike Nothnagel! (8:40)
  • Portugal - MARO - "saudade, saudade" (9:35)
  • Croatia - Mia Dimšić - "Guilty Pleasure" (14:34)
  • Denmark - ReDDI - "The Show" (20:40)
  • Iceland - Systur - "Með hækkandi sól" (26:28)
  • Greece - Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord - "Die Together" (31:07)
  • Norway - Subwoolfer - "Give That Wolf a Banana" (36:40)

Eurovision 2022 Review Series


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