Episode 205



September 12th, 2023

22 mins 46 secs

Season 7

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We get caught up on September 2023 Eurovision Headlines, of which there are a surprising amount. We already have an artist, details on multiple selection processes, and more than 2 dozen countries ready to party in Malmö, Sweden.

Efficiency Summary

  • Belgium selects Mustii (1:02)
  • Christer Bjorkman and Per Blankens join the production team (3:07)
  • The EBU debates AI (6:53)
  • Show Business: Patreon and the Great American Pop Culture Quiz (9:16)
  • National Selections: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malta, Cyprus, Ukraine, Germany (10:21)
  • 2023 Streaming Stats (18:12)
  • Cosa sta facendo Maneskin: VMA Bingo Edition (20:26)

Photo by Mattias Diesel on Unsplash


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