Episode 207



October 10th, 2023

37 mins 11 secs

Season 7

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About this Episode

Discussing Valérie Lemercier's "freely-inspired" Celine Dion biopic — What do you do if your pop culture idol doesn't sign off on you making a biopic about them? Change their name, tweak some of the facts, and play all the roles so you can make a movie like Aline! We have A LOT of questions about the film:

Aline! Summary

  • EuroWhat AV Club: Aline! (3:53)
  • 🎥 What is Aline? (6:14)
  • 🎤 What is your relationship with Celine Dion? (7:55)
  • 😲 At what point in the movie did you go “Uhhhhh, what?!” (14:13)
  • 🔎 What is Aline actually about? (17:36)
  • 🎶 How was Eurovision depicted in Aline? (23:53)
  • 🤔 Who is this movie for? (26:12)
  • ⚖️ Would you recommend Aline? (31:58)

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