Episode 92

Americandom is Naujo!


August 18th, 2020

40 mins 28 secs

Season 3

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Special Guest

About this Episode

We welcome Helen Groothuis back to the show to workshop how on earth the American Song Contest is supposed to work?

Americandom is Naujo! Episode Summary

This episode's conversation is a bit more freestyle than usual, so timestamps don't make a whole lotta sense. However, here are a number of topics that we touch on, more or less in order:

  • Variety publishes the first story about the American Song Contest announcement
  • Who is Ben Silverman and why is Mike jealous?
  • Are there any reality competitions we haven't watched? (Ed Note: No.)
  • What network(s) could broadcast this?
  • What are our hopes/dreams/fears/lingering questions on how this is supposed to work?
  • Can we come up with a better title than American Song Contest?


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