Episode 210



November 21st, 2023

39 mins 36 secs

Season 7

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Ireland Gut Rehab

We welcome back Alex McMillan to discuss the state of Ireland's Eurovision Song Contest selections and reflect on the nation's historical successes and recent failures. Is Eurosong on the Late Late Show the best selection method? Is Ireland stuck in the nostalgia for their dominance in the 90s? What risks can the delegation take to make a splash in Malmö?

Alex McMillan

Alex is a game designer, question setter, and American Song Contest apologist, best known for their work on Only Connect. They’ve worked on a range of game shows in both the UK and US, and when they’re not doing that they can be found writing articles for Hard Drive or performing stand-up as Céilí Rae Minogue. They have been watching Eurovision for the last 20 years and attended their first contest in person in 2023.

Wilderness Summary

  • Welcome back, Alex McMillan! (1:10)
  • Ireland Since the '90s at Eurovision (5:30)
  • The Late Late Show Problem (13:40)
  • Finding the Irish Sound (19:15)
  • How to Tweak Ireland's Selection Method (25:07)
  • Who Should Represent Ireland at Eurovision? (29:44)


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