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The Eurowhat? Podcast launched in 2018 and features two Americans (Ben Smith and Mike McComb) attempting to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest. The show tracks national selections and artist announcements, breaks down each year’s songs with a diverse array of guests, and dives into the 65+ years of contest history during the contest off-season, using Eurovision as a lens to analyze what’s happening in pop culture and the world.

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  • Episode 206: Obvious Points Klaxon

    September 26th, 2023  |  Season 7  |  29 mins 22 secs
    cyprus, greece, türkiye

    Greece and Turkey have had a tense relationship and Cyprus is often in the center of disputes. We take a look at these dynamics and how they may have shifted over the last 50 years at Eurovision.

  • Episode 205: Efficiency

    September 12th, 2023  |  Season 7  |  22 mins 46 secs
    belgium, cyprus, germany, malta, sweden, switzerland, ukraine, united kingdom

    We get caught up on September 2023 Eurovision Headlines, of which there are a surprising amount. We already have an artist, details on multiple selection processes, and more than 2 dozen countries ready to party in Malmö, Sweden.

  • Episode 204: Welcome to Sweden

    August 29th, 2023  |  Season 7  |  46 mins 15 secs

    From "Waterloo" to "Tattoo", Sweden has been a dominant force in the Eurovision Song Contest for more than 50 years, winning the competition seven times. We dive into the ESC history of next year's host country.