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We are a pair of Americans trying to make sense of the Eurovision Song Contest.

About the show

The Eurowhat is a Eurovision podcast featuring a pair of Americans analyzing the annual European song contest. From the start of national selection season in January through the Grand Final in May, we keep up with what is happening with the approximately 40 countries competing and the songs they have entered. In the off-season, we examine Eurovision’s 65+ year history and find the overlaps with American culture while exploring the evolution of fandom. Episodes drop Tuesdays wherever you get your podcasts!

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  • Episode 116: Me in Grease!

    April 20th, 2021  |  Season 4  |  42 mins 4 secs
    austria, czech republic, estonia, greece, poland, san marino

    Lindsey Weber from Who Weekly joins us to talk about Flo Rida, Greece, Grease, and why Eurovision is the highlight of spring.

  • Episode 115: Will It Play in Winnipeg?

    April 13th, 2021  |  Season 4  |  38 mins 20 secs
    azerbaijan, israel, malta, romania, ukraine

    Graphic designer Justin Ladia joins us from Winnipeg to help us close out the first semi-final of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. North America has opinions!

  • Episode 114: Satan’s Glowup

    April 6th, 2021  |  Season 4  |  45 mins 32 secs
    belgium, croatia, cyprus, norway, slovenia, sweden

    Ned Raggett joins us to discuss the heaven and hell aspects of Eurovision Semi-Final 1. Who knew that 2021 would be Satan's pop culture year?

  • Episode 113: Container Ship of Love

    March 30th, 2021  |  Season 4  |  43 mins 21 secs
    australia, belarus, ireland, lithuania, north macedonia, russia

    A container ship of 39 songs heads to Eurovision! Chris King joins us to discuss Australia, Ireland, Lithuania, North Macedonia, and Russia.

  • Episode 112: A Whole Thing

    March 23rd, 2021  |  Season 4  |  24 mins 29 secs
    azerbaijan, belarus, georgia, malta, north macedonia, russia

    All Eurovision 2021 songs are in! (Except Belarus... that's a whole thing...). We discuss the latest entries and think about promo season.

  • Episode 111: The Homestretch

    March 16th, 2021  |  Season 4  |  52 mins 28 secs
    austria, belarus, bulgaria, greece, iceland, latvia, north macedonia, poland, sweden, switzerland, united kingdom

    We're in the homestretch of an unusual Eurovision Selection Season. Melfest is the main event, new songs, scandals... maybe not unusual...

  • Episode 110: Oops! All Songs!

    March 9th, 2021  |  Season 4  |  54 mins 54 secs
    armenia, australia, belgium, denmark, estonia, italy, moldova, netherlands, portugal, romania, russia, san marino, serbia, sweden

    Oops! Everyone looked at the calendar and realized Eurovision entries are due next week! We give a first listen to 25% of the 2021 field.

  • Episode 109: Eye of the Hurricane

    March 2nd, 2021  |  Season 4  |  38 mins 10 secs
    belarus, cyprus, denmark, estonia, germany, iceland, ireland, italy, moldova, netherlands, portugal, russia, san marino, slovenia, sweden

    It's the calm before a hurricane of Eurovision entries washes ashore for 2021. We give Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, and Slovenia a first listen.

  • Episode 108: Sábado Gigante

    February 23rd, 2021  |  Season 4  |  40 mins 24 secs
    bulgaria, cyprus, czech republic, estonia, finland, germany, ireland, norway, portugal, san marino, serbia, slovenia, spain, sweden, united kingdom, united states

    Sábado Gigante 2021 ha quedado atrás y estamos listos para discutir un puñado de nuevas canciones de Eurovisión. Eso es todo el español que conocemos.

  • Episode 107: Poof, Pow, Surprise!

    February 16th, 2021  |  Season 4  |  41 mins 47 secs
    bulgaria, croatia, czech republic, estonia, finland, moldova, north macedonia, norway, portugal, spain, sweden

    Poof! Croatia has entered the Eurovision chat! Pow! Melfest names a woman! Surprise! Our first genuine "What?!" delivered on this show.

  • Episode 106: Determined Yet Realistic

    February 9th, 2021  |  Season 4  |  48 mins 11 secs
    croatia, denmark, estonia, germany, hungary, lithuania, norway, serbia, slovenia, spain, sweden, ukraine, united kingdom

    Lithuania and Ukraine have determined their entries and Eurovision gets realistic about its scenarios for Rotterdam.

  • Episode 105: AHHHHHHHH!

    February 2nd, 2021  |  Season 4  |  43 mins 2 secs
    bulgaria, croatia, estonia, france, lithuania, norway, san marino, sweden

    We try to keep calm as we discuss the live audience at France's Eurovision final, Sweden's Melfest "plan" and make our picks for Eesti Laul Semi 1.